10 Reasons to take a mortgage with Scarborough

  1. We are a building society, not a bank; With no shareholders, it’s our members who benefit.
  2. We are a financially strong, profitable and well-managed business.
  3. Almost all of our funding comes from individual savers, which means we have plenty of cash reserves to meet our commitments.
  4. As a UK-based organisation, our balance sheet is Sterling denominated and we deal only with investment grade banks.
  5. We are committed to offering long term good value Mortgages.
  6. Our innovative range of products offers a wide variety of options.
  7. Our mortgage lending is responsible.
  8. We deliver market leading flexible features to help you vary your payments and possibly pay your mortgage off early.
  9. We offer the option to switch from a tracker mortgage to a fixed rate mortgage at any time- “Switch to Fix”.
  10. Our “Fee Assisted” mortgages offer benefits such as no arrangement fee, cash back and free legal work.